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President R Touchard Hydrangea macrophylla (Pink/Purple) ADVANCED SIZE

President R Touchard Hydrangea macrophylla (Pink/Purple) ADVANCED SIZE

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Hydrangea macrophylla 'President R Touchard' in Advanced 75mm diameter pot

Due to the onset of unususlly wet Summer conditions, the leaves of the President R Touchard hydrangea have developed some seasonal blemishes. This is normal for wet conditions when hydrangea leaves turn off-color due to their deciduous growth habit. Some customers who have never grown hydrangeas become alarmed and report various spots and discolorations they observe on the foliage. I reassure customers that this is normal. 

Noted for its purple mophead flower heads.

Hydrangeas vary in color depending on the pH of the soil.

Height 1-2m

Width 1-1.5m

Prefers a shaded position and moist soil.

Flowers from Summer till Autumn.

75mm pot