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Speedy Red Tea Time™ Hydrangea macrophylla (Dwarf Red)
Speedy Red Tea Time™ Hydrangea macrophylla (Dwarf Red)

Speedy Red Tea Time™ Hydrangea macrophylla (Dwarf Red)

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Hydrangea macrophylla Speedy Red Tea Time™ (PBR) in Advanced 75mm pot size.

Please not that these were cut back about a moth ago but have now started to grow new leaves.

Due to the onset of Autumn conditions, the leaves of the Speedy Red have developed some seasonal blemishes. This is normal for Autumn/winter conditions when hydrangea leaves turn off-color due to their deciduous growth habit. Some customers who have never grown hydrangeas become alarmed and report various spots and discolorations they observe on the foliage. I reassure customers that this is normal. The leaves will drop off in winter and fresh new unblemished leaves will begin to emerge in spring. This will continue year after year as part of the normal growth cycle.

The Tea Time range is from an exciting new Hydrangea breeding program that offers a neat naturally compact habit, good branching, strong stems and many medium sized mopheads. Add to this the exceptional colour range and you have a stunning Hydrangea collection.

Tea Time Speedy Red

The many clusters of red flowers create the much loved Hydrangea mophead. Will remain red with a deep tone of pink in an alkaline soil.

Best growing conditions

Hydrangea prefer a dappled shade location and well drained soil. These varieties will respond well to a slow release fertilizer in spring, and a hard prune late winter to maintain shape, encourage new fresh growth and even more flowers in the coming season.

How to plant

The compact habit of the Hydrangea varieties create an impressive display especially when in full flower. Tea Time varieties are spectacular when used as a feature in courtyard gardens, patio pots and even bowls. As this variety is from the Compact range, pots from 10-14cm will give an exceptional performance when displayed outside or in. 

Flowers from Spring till Summer.

75mm pot