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SPECIAL OFFER 15 White Swan Hydrangea macrophylla (White) plants.

SPECIAL OFFER 15 White Swan Hydrangea macrophylla (White) plants.

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Bulk pack of 15 Hydrangea macrophylla 'White Swan' plants.

Please note that these are starting to lose their leaves as they go into a winter dormancy period. They will grow fresh new leaves in Spring.

Due to the onset of wet Autumn conditions, the leaves of the White Swan have developed some seasonal blemishes. This is normal for Autumn/winter conditions when hydrangea leaves turn off-color due to their deciduous growth habit. Some customers who have never grown hydrangeas become alarmed and report various spots and discolorations they observe on the foliage. I reassure customers that this is normal. 

Pale pink mophead fowers with segments of lime green. Turn purple in a more acidic soil.

Leaves turn yellow and red in winter.

Noted for its white mophead flower.

White hydrangeas are generally stable despite changes on soil pH

Height 1-2m

Width 1-1.5m

Prefers a shaded position and moist soil.

Flowers from Spring through till Autumn.

50mm pot